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So You’ve Decided to Buy a New PC/Laptop.....

Your old laptop or tower has finally had it’s day, it’s running Windows XP or Vista and not worth spending money on a repair.

Some advice on what to buy would be helpful and you’re not sure about having Windows 8 because you’ve heard it can be tricky to get used to. You definitely want it to be in English and you want reliable quick after service in case something goes wrong! You also need the new machine setting up and configuring so you can move over with the minimum of fuss.

Finally you need your e-mails, documents and pictures transferring onto the new system.

……………….YES we can do all of that AND give you a trade in on your old computer!

UP TO €150.00 on your old PC/Laptop

We Only Supply & Install
100% Genuine Microsoft© Windows 7 and 8

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